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Keynote speaker for Pharma conference 2021 - Esmaiel Jabbari
Keynote Presentation
Drug Delivery to Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine
Esmaiel Jabbari, University of South Carolina, USA

Translation of nanoscale discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic promises new diagnostic tools, drug targeting modalities, gene therapy platforms, and tissue constructs for patients. Tissue morphogenesis during fet [....]

Keynote speaker for Pharma Conferences 2021 - Paul Millner
Keynote Presentation
Targeted nanoparticles for diagnostic and theranostic applications
Paul Millner, University of Leeds, UK

Targeted nanoparticles provide an exciting opportunity for delivery of drugs to specific tissue locations but also for imaging and sensing applications. Many drugs, and in particular chemotherapy agents, are too toxic to [....]

Keynote Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - DANIELA MONTI
Keynote Presentation
Nanostructured Formulations in Skin Cancer: Challenges and Perspectives
Daniela Monti, University of Pisa, Italy

The incidence of skin cancer, the most common malignant disease that mainly affects the Caucasian population, is increasing worldwide. There are three main types of skin cancers: basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cel [....]

Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences 2021 - Sorush Niknamian
Oral Presentation
Introducing the Sorush Cancer Treatment Protocol (SCTP)
Sorush Niknamian, Violet Cancer Institute, USA

This research introduces Sorush Cancer Treatment Ptotocol (SCTP) based on successful cancer treatment methodology which has done by Dr. Somayeh Zaminpira and Dr. Sorush Niknamian in 54 cancer patients in Violet Cancer In [....]

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Madhav Bhatia
Oral Presentation
Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences 2021 - Dmitry Ustyuzhanin
Oral Presentation
Assessment an umbilical cells induced neuroplasticity in patients with schizophrenia using functional MRI
Dmitry Ustyuzhanin, National Medical Research Center of Cardiology, Russia

Purpose. To evaluate changes in the brain activation patterns using fMRI in patients with schizophrenia underwent an umbilical cells injections. Materials and Methods. 15 patients (males, aged 20-40 years) with schizo [....]

Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences 2021 - Anna Caprifico
Oral Presentation
Evaluation of drug permeability in blood-brain barrier in vitro models
Anna Caprifico, Kingston University, UK

Treatment of disorders of the central nervous system such as malignant brain tumours is hindered by the blood-brain barrier (BBB), whose role is to protect the brain from undesirable microorganisms, substances or drugs c [....]

Speaker for Pharma Conferences 2021 - Stefanie Santos
Oral Presentation
Bryophyllum pinnatum Compounds Inhibit the Oxytocin-Induced Pathways in Human Myometrial Cells
Stefanie Santos, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Bryophyllum pinnatum is a succulent perennial plant traditionally used in the treatment of premature labour, first in anthroposophic hospitals and, recently, in conventional settings as an add-on medication. Experimental [....]

Speaker for Drug Delivery conference - Ranjita Shegokar
Oral Presentation
Cancer: is there any hope?
Ranjita Shegokar, Capnomed GmbH, Germany

Cancer is a complex disease. Several drug delivery platforms are under development in academia and in industry to deliver therapeutic molecules and new chemical entities to the targeted site in body. Amongst them, nanote [....]

Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Annalisa Dalmoro
Oral Presentation
Process innovation in the production of smart lipid-polymeric release systems
Annalisa Dalmoro, University of Salerno, Italy

Liposomes are the most versatile carriers for the delivery of a large variety of both lipophilic and hydrophilic drug molecules, being biocompatible and biodegradable. Despite their great advantages, their tendency to de [....]

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Janice Mani
Virtual Presentation
In vitro anticancer screening of crude plant polar extracts
Janice Mani, Central Queensland University, Australia

Numerous commercial pharmaceuticals – including anticancer, antiviral, and antidiabetic drugs have been developed from traditional plant-derived medicines. With approximately 25,000 species of flora occurring in Au [....]

Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Tamas A. Martinek
Oral Presentation
Degradation-free intracellular delivery of nanomolar protein cargoes with a ganglioside GM1 specific recognition tag
Tamas A. Martinek, University of Szeged, Hungary

There is a pressing need to develop ways to deliver therapeutic macromolecules to their intracellular targets. Lipid raft-mediated/caveolar endocytosis is exploited by viruses (simian virus 40, murine polyoma virus and e [....]

Keynote Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Metin Basaranoglu
Keynote Presentation
Understanding mechanisms of the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Metin Basaranoglu, Istanbul University, Turkey

A central issue in the understanding of the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the problem of the underlying mechanisms which are not fully understood. In the setting of excessive central adiposity, insu [....]

Keynote Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Leo Kei Iwai
Keynote Presentation
Snake and scorpion venom as a source for drugs to treat cancer and central nervous system diseases
Leo Kei Iwai, Instituto Butantan, Brazil

Toxic substances and secretions of animals such as snakes, spiders and scorpions have been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of several diseases. Despite of the inherent difficulty and high economic risk in [....]

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Salma A Ghanem
Oral Presentation
Volumetric overload shocks in the patho-etiology of the transurethral resection prostatectomy syndrome and acute dilution hyponatraemia.
Salma A Ghanem, Mansoura University, Egypt

Hypothesis: The transurethral prostatectomy syndrome (TURS) is defined as severe vascular hypotension reaction that complicates endoscopic surgery as a result of massive irrigating fluid absorption causing severe acute d [....]

Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Hussien el messiry
Oral Presentation
Effect of different hydrotropic agents on solubility and dissolution of famotidine
Hussien el messiry, National Organization of Drug Control and Research, Egypt

Famotidine is an antacid drug given orally in management of benign gastric and duodenal ulceration, It is very slightly water soluble. The aim of work is to study the effect of hydrotropic agents (trisodium citrate dihyd [....]

Speaker for Pharma Conferences 2021 - Marwa Tawfik Badawy
Oral Presentation
Anti-diabetic effect of the African Adansonia digitata L. fruit extract action mechanisms in relation to its metabolite fingerprint using UPLC/MS and molecular networking
Marwa Tawfik Badawy, The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a severe chronic disease affecting a large population worldwide. Africa is rich in native medicinal plants with myriad health benefits, though less explored towards the development of specific d [....]

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Songtao Li
Oral Presentation
Cellular delivery of doxorubicin derivative via a transferrin receptor targeted binding peptide as the drug carrier
Songtao Li, Hebei Province Key Laboratory of Research and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Transferrin receptors (TfRs) are overexpressed in tumor cells but are scarce in normal tissues, which makes TfR an attractive target for drug treatment of cancer. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential [....]

Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Sunil Kumar
Oral Presentation
Neuroprotective effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid on neurotoxicity induced by nitrile derivatives
Sunil Kumar, BBDIT College of Pharmacy, India

Nitrile derivatives are known to cause toxicities like neurotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, cardiovascular, renal and gastrointestinal disorders. Nitriles collates a broad range of chemicals including Acetonitrile, Acrylonitri [....]

Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Mir Mohammad Alavi Nikje
Oral Presentation
Synthesis and characterization of biorenewable three-dimensional poly (urethane-urea) star block copolymer based on poly(?-caprolactone)–D-glucose as a carrier for sustained release drug delivery systems
Mir Mohammad Alavi Nikje, Imam Khomeini International University, Iran

Design and development of biodegradable water-based poly (urethane-urea) dispersions, with poly(ε-caprolactone)–D-glucose polyester polyol as a central core for combining properties of end-functionalized st [....]

Speaker for Pharma conference 2021 - Hedva Bar
Poster Presentation
Enhancing shellac stability using polyetheramines
Hedva Bar, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Shellac is a unique natural resin derived from the secretion of insects, widely used as an enteric coating in the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the high potential of shellac as a protective coating and in controlled e [....]

Potential speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Juste Kviesulaityte
Poster Presentation
Qualitative analysis of the six benzodiazepines by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography.
Juste Kviesulaityte, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

Background: Gas chromatography – mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography are commonly used methods for determination of benzodiazepines. GC-MS is a specific method and is used for its sensitive [....]

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Nusrat Shafiq
Poster Presentation
In vitro anti-diabetic evaluation of different solvent extracts of Hibiscus rosa sinensus
Nusrat Shafiq, Government College Women University, Pakistan

Naturally isolated compounds have broad range of varieties in their structures than the synthetic ones.  A large number of drugs approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have derived from plants are natural co [....]

Keynote Speaker for Pharma Conferences 2021 - Marino Nebuloni
Keynote Presentation
Strategy in crystallization process to ensure solid state stability of drug substance
Marino Nebuloni, Parma University, Italy

Crystallization of pharmaceutical ingredients, primarily those that possess several polymorphic forms, particle size and morphology critical properties, are among the most serious and least understood manufacturing proce [....]

Keynote speaker for Pharma conference 2021 - Sergey Suchkov
Keynote Presentation
Personalized and Precision Medicine (PPM) as a Unique Healthcare Model to Be Set Up via Biodesign and Translational Applications and Upgraded Business Modeling to Secure the Human Healthcare, Wellness and Biosafety
Sergey Suchkov , Sechenov University and Moscow Engineering Physical Institute , Russia

Traditionally a disease has been defined by its clinical presentation and observable characteristics, not by the underlying molecular mechanisms, pathways and systems biology-related processes specific to a particular pa [....]

Keynote Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences 2021 - Anna Takacsi Nagy
Keynote Presentation
Stability of Semisolid Extemporaneous Topical Formulations of Cocoa Butter
Anna Takacsi Nagy, Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy, University of Pecs, Hungary

The aim of this study is focused on the reproduction of a routinely used individual preparation, its physicochemical, accelerated and real-time stability testing to predict the rate of change at a proposed storage temper [....]

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2021 - Apoorva Sharma
Oral Presentation
In-vitro assessment of oil formulation & rat plasma stability of multiple pyrethroids using HPLC & LC-MS/MS based methods
Apoorva Sharma, Dr. K.N.Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, India

Pyrethroids are the synthetic insecticides, widely used in household, agricultural field etc to kill pests and insects. Their extensive and unrestricted usage leads to human exposure to these toxic chemicals. These compo [....]

Speaker for  Pharma conferences 2021 - Zouhir Djerrou
Oral Presentation
Detoxifying activity of Olea europaea L. leaves aqueous extract in lead poisoned rabbits.
Zouhir Djerrou, Mentouri Constantine University, Algeria

The objective of this study was to evaluate preventive effects of Olea europaea L. leaves aqueous extract on subacute intoxication by lead acetate. Three groups of male rabbits were formed: a negative control, a group in [....]

Speaker for Pharma Conferences 2021 - Lovely Chaurasia
Oral Presentation
Topical Drug Delivery of Ketoconazole Entrapped Transferosomal Gel with Design And Enactment
Lovely Chaurasia, BBDIT College of Pharmacy, India

In pharmaceutical research the transdermal route of drug has gain great interest, transdermal delivery has enhanced a novel vasicular drug carrier system called transferosome which composed of water, surfactant and phosp [....]

Speaker for Pharmaceutical Conferences - Khizar Abbas
Oral Presentation
Anti-diabetic and Hypolipdimic potential of Musa paradisiaca L. superfluous material in diabetic rats
Khizar Abbas, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan

Diabetes is severe chronic metabolic disease characterized by high blood glucose levels leads to generation of reactive oxygen species that causes oxidative damage in kidney, liver and pancreas.The aim and purpose of pre [....]

Speaker for Pharmaceutical Conferences - Andrey Belousov
Poster Presentation
Innovative method of nanotechnology to increase the storage time of RBCs due by stabilizing the molecular structure of proteins and lipids of erythrocyte membranes
Andrey Belousov, Laboratory of Applied Nanotechnology of Belousova, Ukraine

This study was devoted to the learning changes in the structure of erythrocyte membranes at the level of molecular bonds during their storage at a positive temperature by means method of infrared spectroscopy (IR). Objec [....]