• Gus R. Rosania

    University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, USA

    Title: Macrophage-stabilized drug crystals

  • Esmaiel Jabbari

    University of South Carolina, USA

    Title: Engineered spatiotemporal delivery of morphogens for skeletal regeneration

  • Ulo Langel

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Title: Transfection by cell-penetrating peptides

  • Ernst Wagner

    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munich and Nanosystems Initiative Munich, Germany

    Title: Bioinspired Sequence-defined drug, protein and gene carriers by chemical evolution

  • Teruna J. Siahaan

    University of Kansas, USA

    Title: Challenge and progress in delivering molecules to the brain

  • Valery A. Petrenko

    Auburn University, USA

    Title: Targeted self-navigating multifunctional drug delivery vehicles driven by promiscuous landscape phage proteins

  • Philippe Barthelemy

    University of Bordeaux, France

    Title: Nucleic acid based amphiphiles as soft materials for nanomedicine

  • Carmen Popescu

    Roquette America, USA

    Title: Patient centric dug delivery systems: ODT (Oral Disintegrating Tablet) and ODF (Oral Disintegrating Film)

  • Giancarlo Morelli

    University of Naples Federico II, Italy

    Title: Formulation of liposomal doxorubicin modified with Bombesin peptide for selective targeting of GRP receptors over-expressed by cancer cells

  • Stephen Hart

    UCL GOS Institute of Child Health, UK

    Title: Development of receptor targeted nanocomplexes for delivery of RNA therapeutics to the lung

  • Fiorenza Rancan

    Charite - Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Germany

    Title: Drug delivery across the skin barrier using biocompatible thermoresponsive nanogels

  • Georgina Kate Such

    The University of Melbourne, Australia

    Title: Engineering endosomal escape using pHlexi particles

  • Laura Cerchia

    Istituto per l’Endocrinologia e l’Oncologia Sperimentale “G. Salvatore” (IEOS), Italy

    Title: Aptamers as therapeutic agents in human cancers and evidence for glioblastoma targeting through the blood-brain-barrier of aptamer-functionalized nanosystems

  • Hanieh Khalili

    University of East London, UK

    Title: Building a better antibody-based medicine: Antibody mimetic

  • Arik Dahan

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

    Title: Oral delivery of lipophilic drugs: The solubility-permeability interplay and formulation design

  • Ana Margarida Grenha

    University of Algarve, Portugal

    Title: Inhalable therapy of pulmonary Tuberculosis mediated by polysaccharide microparticles

  • Arwyn T. Jones

    Cardiff University, UK

    Title: Driving endocytosis for enhancing cellular delivery and intracellular targeting of therapeutics

  • El Hassane Larhrib

    University of Huddersfield, UK

    Title: Dry powder inhalers - challenges and opportunities in delivering drugs to the lungs

  • Mino R Caira

    University of Cape Town, South Africa

    Title: Crystal Engineering of alternative solid forms of therapeutic agents

  • Ricardo Perez Tomas

    University of Barcelona, Spain

    Title: Anionophores, an emerging group of molecules to fight cancer

  • Andras G. Lacko

    University of North Texas Health Science Center, USA

    Title: Lipoprotein based drug delivery platform

  • M. Teresa Carvajal

    Purdue University West Lafayette, USA

    Title: Impact of surface anisotropic forces on powder flowability

  • Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo

    University of Coimbra, Portugal

    Title: Novel ring-fused tetrapyrrolic macrocycles as very active photodynamic agents for cancer

  • Sulabh Patel

    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland

    Title: Ex-vivo intraocular model to investigate long-term protein stability in vitreous humor

  • Katherina Fernandez

    University of Concepcion, Chile

    Title: Development of microparticles loaded with pine bark extracts and evaluation of its bioavailability on fish

  • Rina Rosin-Arbesfeld

    Tel-Aviv University, Israel

    Title: Can antibiotics treat cancer?

  • Eugenia V Gurevich

    Vanderbilt University, USA

    Title: Peptide-based therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases; challenges and opportunities

  • Maria J. Vicent

    Polymer Therapeutics Lab, Spain

    Title: Polymer-based combination therapeutics

  • Madhav Bhatia

    University of Otago, New Zealand

    Title: Hydrogen sulfide: A novel mediator and therapeutic target for inflammatory disease

  • Luis Braz

    University of Algarve, Portugal

    Title: Locust Bean Gum-based nanoparticles for oral immunization

  • Gillian Hutcheon

    Liverpool John Moores University, UK

    Title: Nanocomposite microparticles for the pulmonary delivery of bio-macromolecules

  • Mehmet Ay

    Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey

    Title: Development of nitroreductase/prodrug system for cancer therapy

  • Ana Carolina Kogawa

    Univ Estadual Paulista - UNESP, Brazil

    Title: Why perform pharmaceutical analysis green and optimized?

  • Mikhail Samuilovich Goizman

    Drugs Technology LLC, Russia

    Title: INN Darunavir. Patenting problem of active pharmaceutical substances

  • Huan Xie

    Texas Southern University, USA

    Title: Preclinical development of GMC1, a novel molecule targeting FKBP52 for the treatment of castration resistance prostate cancer

  • Omonike A. Olaleye

    Texas Southern University, USA

    Title: Development of formulations for novel chemotherapeutic agents for Tuberculosis and HIV coinfection

  • Elod Erno Nagy

    University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures, Romania

    Title: The bone-cartilage interface: A complex biological barrier with potential therapeutical targets

  • Csaba Hetenyi

    University of Pecs, Hungary

    Title: Improvements of computational optimization of drug-target interactions

  • Kira Astakhova

    University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

    Title: Towards improved activity and stability of gene therapeutics

  • Vandana B. Patravale

    Institute of Chemical Technology, India

    Title: Smart lipid nanocarriers: Potential for intracellular targeting

  • Jitka Pracharova

    Palacky University, Czech Republic

    Title: Potentiation of cytotoxic action of the new cisplatin derivative by UV irradiation

  • Elaine F Enright

    University College Cork, Ireland

    Title: Impact of gut microbiota-mediated bile acid metabolism on the solubilization capacity of bile salt micelles and drug biopharmaceutical properties

  • Konstantin Ostrovskiy

    Drugs Technology LLC, Russia

    Title: Development of intravenous form of rifapentine and its in vivo evaluation

  • Sandip Gite

    Institute of Chemical Technology, India

    Title: Green technology approach for development of BCS Class II molecule nanoformulation

  • Ulrike Alexiev

    Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

    Title: Visualization and characterization of nanocarriers for dermal drug delivery using single molecule methods