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Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Csaba Heteny
Csaba Heteny
University of Pecs, Hungary


Dr. Csaba Hetényi is an Associate Professor in Pharmacology. He has co-authored research articles in prestigious journals J Am ChemSoc, PNAS, EMBO Reports, Bioinformatics, and is also a co-inventor of US patents. Dr. Hetényi has received more than 1500 independent citations for his research results, has a Hirsch-index of 18 and his works were favorably evaluated by several review articles and research papers. In 2011, Dr. Hetényi won a Talentum Academy Award for his research achievements. His present research interest is focused on the development of pharmacoinformatics tools and molecular pathomechanisms of diseases. Dr. Hetényi collaborates with researchers in Sweden, Estonia, Spain, and the USA.