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Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Amal Abukhares
Amal Abukhares
University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Amal obtained her first degree in Pharmacy from the University of Tripoli, Libya 2004-2005. In 2006 she starts to work at University of Tripoli as teaching assistant (demonstrator). She is involved in the supervision of undergraduate students in the assistance for the smooth running of the laboratories. In 2007 she has received funding from her University to finish her post-graduation study, under Libyan grant agreement of 701/2007. In September 2010 she completed her Master degree in drug delivery from Aston University/UK. Between 2011 and 2014 she worked as lecturer assistant in industrial pharmacy department at Pharmacy School of University of Tripoli. She gave lectures and run lab works. She has received another funding from her the University on 2013 under Libyan grant agreement of 293/2013.In Jan 2015 she joined the University of Manchester for a PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences. Her role as PhD student is to conduct research to evaluate and improve stability of a protein called rhIL-1Ra. Find out root causes of instability of rhIL-1Ra. Conduct several pre-formulation studies by using different biophysical techniques such as Static and Dynamic Light Scattering (OD,DLS), Circular Dichroism (CD), Differential Scanning Colorimeter DSC and SDS-Electrophoresis. Find a new formulation technique to address stability problem of the protein. Currently, she is also work as teaching assistant (demonstrator) at University of Manchester.