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Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Svetlana N. Morozkina
Svetlana N. Morozkina
ITMO University, Russian Federation


Dr. Svetlana Morozkina was graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia) in 1997 – Department of organic chemistry, Chemistry Faculty. She defended her PhD degree at the same Department and, then she got the Post-Doc position from the Government of Russia for young talent people (Saint-Petersburg State University, 1997-2001). In 2004 she organized the research group under the guidance of Professor Alexander Shavva (he was the head of the Department of Natural Compounds Chemistry for 25 years: 1988-2014) and started her research in the field of the total synthesis, investigation of structure and biological properties of synthetic steroid estrogen analogues. She is author of 48 articles, Russian patents and international patents (total 15 patents). In 2017 she moved her group to ITMO University.