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Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Giancarlo Morelli
Giancarlo Morelli
University of Naples Federico II, Italy


Giancarlo Morelli is full professor of Chemistry at Dept. of Pharmacy University of Naples “Federico II”. He is Director of a Research Center on Bioactive Peptides (CIRPeB) and President of the Italian Society of Peptides (ItPS). His research interest is in peptide chemistry; his researches are focused on different aspects of peptide science, particularly he studied application of new designed peptides for selective targeting of contrast agents for MRI or Nuclear Medicine and for drugs and liposomal drugs. Giancarlo Morelli is also Chairman of the International Workshops on Bioactive peptides organized in Naples every two years and now at the 15th edition. G. Morelli is author of more than 150 papers most of them concerning the development of Peptide Science.