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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Heema Desai
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Heema Desai, Texila American University, India

International Conference on Harmonization guideline E6 requires clinical trial sponsors to conduct monitoring oversight to ensure the protection of rights, safety and welfare of the clinical trial subjects. In 1988, the FDA released a guideline for Monitoring Clinical Investigati [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Neha Agarwal
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Neha Agarwal, University of Lucknow, India

The release of Xenobiotics into the environment is a matter of global concern, as the harmful chemicals when reach in the environment; are stable over a prolonged period resulting in their accumulation in the environment. A gargantuan acceleration in the release of xenobioti [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Mirjana B. Colovic
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Mirjana B. Colovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Acetylcholinesterase is a serine hydrolase whose key biological role is the termination of impulse transmission at cholinergic synapses by rapid hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The reversible inhibition of brain acetylcholinesterase is the major therapeutic targ [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Tanvi S Kabre
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Tanvi S Kabre, Texila American University, India

A steep rise is seen in conduct of clinically trials not just globally but in India as well over the years. Through this pharma industry is striving to serve high-quality treatments and procedure options catering to all classes of populations and including those for complex disea [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Deepinder Singh
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Deepinder Singh, Chitkara University, India

Acne is the 8th most commonly prevailing chronic skin disorder affecting more than 9.4% population worldwide. Its pervasiveness has been predominant in juveniles especially in males during adolescence. However, acne dominance in females is higher during adulthood. The market toda [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Gil Goncalves
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Gil Goncalves, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Carbon is one of the most relevant elements on earth to all forms of life and presents a wide range of natural allotropic forms with high economic potential. Inspired by nature, scientists started to design synthetic strategies for the development of novel allotropic carbon nanom [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Samir Haddouchi
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Samir Haddouchi, Sotax Pharma Services, France

Dissolution is a critical parameter of pharmaceutical dosage forms. It is indeed an extremely powerful tool to acquire knowledge about pharmaceutical products. The dissolution techniques can also be used to learn more about the properties of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient ( [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Hilal Erdogan
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Hilal Erdogan, Nevsehir University, Turkey

Root canal treatment applied to inflamed teeth is a dental treatment method that aims to keep the natural tooth in the mouth by fulfilling its functional, phonetic, and aesthetic functions. For this purpose, the removal of all vital or necrotic tissues, microorganisms, and microb [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Tarek Aboul Fadl
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Tarek Aboul Fadl, Assiut University, Egypt

A structure-based medicinal chemistry strategy was applied to design new NSAID prodrugs that show growth inhibitory activity against human colon tumor cells through cyclooxygenase (COX)-independent mechanism. In vitro testing of the synthesized compounds against the human HT-29 c [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Alena Korbut
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Alena Korbut, IHS/Cherokee Nation, United States

Introduction: Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) technology provides insight into a complete picture of a person’s blood glucose levels throughout the day and the full effect insulin has on the blood glucose trends. The data generated by CGM can be used to make real-tim [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Deepika Raina
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Deepika Raina, Graphic Era Hill University, India

In the United States, it is estimated that depression costs the country over $210 billion each year in lost productivity, health care costs, and absenteeism. It is estimated that between 1 and 3 percent of adults suffer from depression, while about 6 percent suffer from majo [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Andre Luiz Pereira
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Andre Luiz Pereira, Hemominas Foundation, Brazil

Pharmacopollution is a public health and environmental outcome of some active pharmaceutical ingredients(API) and endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDC) dispersed through water and/or soil. Its most important sources are the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare facilities (e.g., hos [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Ruchika
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Ruchika, University of California San Francisco, United States

Membrane proteins constitute 30% of genome in organisms and are involved in numerous physiological processes. ABC transporters is a class of membrane proteins which are ubiquitously present in all organisms, bind and hydrolyze ATP to power the solute transport and are associated [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences -  Amira Zaky
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Amira Zaky, Alexandria University, Egypt

Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease 1/Redox Effector- 1 (APE1/Ref-1) is a negative regulator of inflammatory response via several mechanisms in neuronal cells. APE1’s redox activity stimulates the DNA-binding activity of several transcription factors. We investigated targeti [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Eman A. Alam
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Eman A. Alam, Al-Azhar University, Egypt

In recent years, biotechnology has expanded too much in its scope and applicability. Now biotechnology is well known for its great role in the field of medicine and is also used in many other areas such as food and fuel. Via using plant and pharmaceutical biotechnologies, we can [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Divya Sharma
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Divya Sharma, Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, India

Controlled drug delivery systems release drugs at a pre-set pace in order to maintain a constant drug concentration over a set period of time while minimising side effects. Repaglinide is a low-dose drug that is administered immediately before a meal to lower blood glucose levels [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Roberto Visentin
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Roberto Visentin, University of Padova, Italy

Treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D) involves a variety of medications, related to the stage of T2D progression. In silico trials can be helpful in this context, speeding up the drug development process and supporting treatment optimization. We recently proposed a T2D simulator (T2 [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Victoria Demina
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Victoria Demina, NEUWAY Pharma GmbH, Germany

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is both a blessing and a curse: On the one hand, the tightly connected endothelial cells covering the cerebral blood vessels protect the brain from harmful large molecules. On the other hand, they are the obstacle to treat severe central nerve system [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Cornelia Braicu
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Cornelia Braicu, Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Arsenate was demonstrated to be implicated in a wide range of cellular and molecular pathways.  These multiple actions of arsenate highlight the need for additional mechanistic studies to determine which actions mediate the diverse biological effects of this compound as an e [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Miroslav Radenkovic
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Miroslav Radenkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

The modern knowledge of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) rapidly evolved over the past twenty years, where the thorough understanding of HCM pathophysiology, combined with innovative therapeutic solutions, finally allowed us to achieve some excellent outcomes, including in obstr [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Madhav Bhatia
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Madhav Bhatia, University of Otago, New Zealand

Inflammation is a normal adaptive response to traumatic, infectious, post-ischemic, toxic or autoimmune injury. Uncontrolled inflammation, however, results in disease, and most of diseases have been shown to have an inflammatory component. Identifying biological molecules that me [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Merita Kucuku
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Merita Kucuku, Freelance consultant, Albania

Vaccines and vaccination are important for the prevention of infectious diseases. In the history of vaccination, we have savings of lives of people of different ages from children aged 0 days and the very old people. The vaccine against rotavirus: Before using the rotavirus vacci [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Bhupendra Gopalbhai Prajapati
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Bhupendra Gopalbhai Prajapati, Ganpat University, India

Self-emulsifying system-based lipstick may prove to have potential of enhancing the moisturizing characteristics and deliver the hydrophobic drug antifungal drugs for the treatment of lip fungal infections. In this study, the self-emulsifying (SEDDs) mixture of Ketoconazole was o [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Liberata Sportiello
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Liberata Sportiello, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, Italy

Harnessing the power of the immune system to target cancer has been the aim of scientific research for over centuries. The irruption of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) in 2011 has changed the therapeutic landscape of several tumors and, consequently, the prognosis of cancer pa [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Prateeti Chakraborty
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Prateeti Chakraborty, Bangabasi College, India

A dinuclear Cu(II) species [Cu2L2(H2O)2(N3)](NO3)2 (L = 2,6-bis(N-ethylpyrrolidine-iminomethyl)-4-methyl-phenolato) where two Cu centers are bridged by phenoxido and l1,1-azido bridges with Cu–Cu separation of  3 Å have been synthesized with the view to explore t [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Maimuna Fatima
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Maimuna Fatima, G. Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy, India

The present work aims to develop a self-micro emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) to improve in-vitro dissolution of Clopidogrel Bisulfate an Anti-platelet agent, belonging to BCS class II. Initially, solubility studies were performed to identify the solvents showing the hi [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Mia Karam
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Mia Karam, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia and affecting more than 460 million people worldwide. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to secondary complications such as non-healing diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) due to ischemia and peripheral neuropathy. Non-healing D [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Rakhi Mishra
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Rakhi Mishra, Dr. D.P. Rastogi Central Research Institute of Homoeopathy, India

Butea monosperma (Family Fabaceae) popularly known as ‘dhak’ or ‘palas’, commonly known as ‘Flame of forest’ is an important plant and is extensively utilized for lac cultivation. Lac cultivation plays an important role in the tribal economy. B [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Nikita Kale
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Nikita Kale, Oriental University, India

FDF is also knows as oral wafers which is bunch of thin polymeric film which is now gaining widespread interest in pharmaceutical industry. It is novel formulation and now accepted by various customers for supplying vitamins and self-care products specially. In present day, it is [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Adam Sikora
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Adam Sikora, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Asthma and COPD are among the most common chronic non-communicable diseases. Many different environmental and individual factors are involved in their development. The main goals of treatment are to prevent symptoms of the disease, reduce the risk of exacerbations, and improve th [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Khagga Bhavyasri
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Khagga Bhavyasri, Osmania University, India

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical substance that is used in hair dye because it is a permanent dye that gives a natural look, and the dyed hair can also be shampooed or permed without losing its colour. PPD-containing hair dyes have been associated with canc [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Shiv Kumar
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Shiv Kumar, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, India

Starch is known to be one of the most abundant carbohydrate molecules found in tropical roots and tubers, grains, and cereals. Various botanical sources of starch, including maize, potato, corn, wheat, etc., have been used as a staple food for millions of people for centuries. Th [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Mohammad Arshad
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Mohammad Arshad, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia

A series of fifteen (Z)-N-substituted-4-(pyridin-2-yl)-6-(1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridin-4-yl)pyrimidin-2-amine, was designed, screened computationally and synthesized. Structures of the compounds (1-15) were elucidated using spectroscopic methods like FT-IR, NMR (1H & 13C), and ma [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Mihaela Ileana Ionescu
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Mihaela Ileana Ionescu, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

The antibiotic resistance of bacterial strains evolves continuously. The nosocomial infections and the infections of immune-compromised patients put a lot of pressure on healthcare professionals.  Very often the source of infection remains unclear but the hospital environmen [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Prerna Sharma
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Prerna Sharma, Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, India

The main aim of this research is to provide literature of the Ocimum plant, to know the significance of the Ocimum species carried out by pharmacognostical study and experimental design for GC-MS.Ocimum genus is very important for its therapeutic potential. among the most importa [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Axel H. Schonthal
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Axel H. Schonthal, University of Southern California, United States

Malignancies located in the brain are difficult to treat, because most therapeutic agents are unable to enter the brain parenchyma from the circulation, due to the obstacle placed by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Intranasal delivery of anticancer agents holds potential as a more [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Aysu Yurdasiper
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Aysu Yurdasiper, Ege University, Turkey

Asthma is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of the airways and makes it difficult to breathe. The best way to manage asthma is to avoid triggers, take medication to prevent symptoms, and control asthma attacks. The inhalation route is frequently used to administer drugs [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Ekaterina Pashkina
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Ekaterina Pashkina, Research Institute of Fundamental and Clinical Immunology, Russian Federation

The most effective method of treating allergic diseases is allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT). To reduce the risk of side effects and improve the delivery of allergens to the mucosa, various delivery systems such as liposomes, dendrimers, nanoparticles, etc. can be used. Today [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Fanfei Meng
Keynote Presentation (In-Person)
Fanfei Meng, Purdue University, United States

Since the success of immune checkpoint blockade and chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy, over a dozen immunotherapies have been approved in the past few years, and thousands of immunotherapeutics are currently in the development pipeline. However, immunotherapy benefits only [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Luis Jesus Villarreal Gomez
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Luis Jesus Villarreal Gomez, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico

The necessity of new systems for drug delivery in children and specific procedures is clearly needed, in the case of children the difficulty of the correct dose administration is a problem when the drug carrier is not easy to administrate by a non-specialized adult. Mucoadhesive [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Keerti Maheshwari
Poster Presentation
Keerti Maheshwari, Delhi pharmaceutical sciences research and university, India

Nocturnal asthma mainly known as nighttime asthma, it is mainly occur during sleep. The mechanism of this is related to the circadian rhythms that may influence mediators and inflammatory cells, cholinergic tone and hormonal changes. Chronotherapeutics is defined as a treatment s [....] » Read More

Speaker at Pharmaceutical Conference - Ibrahim A. Alsarra
Poster Presentation
Ibrahim A. Alsarra, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune disease of the joints; it can lead to persistent inflammation, joint damage and disability. Apremilast (APR) was the first FDA-approved oral anti-psoriatic arthritis drug. It APR immediate release tablets Otezla® have 20-33% bioavailabilit [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Essa Abdullah Aldulaym
Poster Presentation
Essa Abdullah Aldulaym, Clinical Pharmacy Student, Saudi Arabia

The present investigation aimed to develop an antibiotic and a phytoconstituent combination loaded gastric floating microsponge for the effective eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection by the synergistic effects of the loaded drugs. The microsponge formulations were prepare [....] » Read More

Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Joanna Chałupka
Poster Presentation
Joanna Chałupka, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

FP (fluticasone propionate) is a synthetic fluorinated cortisol derivative with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. In inhaled form, it is used to treat asthma, and less frequently, to treat COPD. Typically the DPI inhaler used for administering dose of drug is provided in the sta [....] » Read More

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