Speaker at Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2022 - Haddouchi
Sotax Pharma Services, France
Title : API characterization – why dissolution testing can help you learn more about Active Ingredient.


Dissolution is a critical parameter of pharmaceutical dosage forms. It is indeed an extremely powerful tool to acquire knowledge about pharmaceutical products. The dissolution techniques can also be used to learn more about the properties of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). 2 techniques are used: the intrinsic dissolution using the stirring mechanism concept and the apparent dissolution using the flow though cell dissolution concept (known as USP4). Both techniques bring different information, but it is important to proceed with such API characterization. Such knowledge may obviously guide the development of a new formulation but can also be very valuable during the life cycle of any product, when considering post approval changes such as new sources/ suppliers of raw material and its possible impact on the performance of the drug product. During this webinar, these 2 API characterization techniques will be explained in detail, showing some clear case studies.


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