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Speaker at Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2022 - Prerna Sharma
Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, India
Title : Characteristic features of essential oil composition in selected genus of Ocimum sanctum


The main aim of this research is to provide literature of the Ocimum plant, to know the significance of the Ocimum species carried out by pharmacognostical study and experimental design for GC-MS.Ocimum genus is very important for its therapeutic potential. among the most important aromatic herbs for their enormous medicinal properties. Extreme Attention has been put on those literature reports wherein the utilization of  Tulsi and their pharmacognostical study has been done by performing morphological and microscopic leaf and experimental design by using essential oil by GC-MS instrumentation method. The utilization of these characteristics would be important for the drug discovery scientist to develop a specific formulation of the crude drug, which will be a magical therapeutic agent in the future, with the many advantageous. GC-MS chromatogram of the Ocimum sanctum, Ocimum canum and Ocimum gratissimum oil showed major peaks and has been identified after comparison of the mass spectra with NIST library, indicating the presence of three photo components. From the results, GC-MS study suggested that anethole which is well reported antimicrobial compound is more in O. canum (2.66%) in comparison to O. sanctum (1,28%) but absent in O. gratissimum. The results indicated that the antimicrobial activity is more in O. canum due to the present high amount of anethole in comparison to O.Gratissimum, and O. Sanctum. The GC-MS study suggested that anethole which is well reported antimicrobial compound is more in O. canum (2.66%) in comparison to O. sanctum (1,28%) but absent in O. gratissimum. The result revealed that O. canum has a microscopic character, that can be identified by the characteristic GC MS analysis of extracts, to distinguish between different species of the ocimum plant.


Ms. Prerna Sharma is currently working as an assistant professor in Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, Yamunanagar. She is 9.7 years of teaching experience as an assistant professor and Training & Placement Officer and She is selected as panel expert for  AICTE STTP Programme. Her field of specialization is Pharmacognosy and She has completed his master in Pharmaceutical sciences (2012) honor with gold medalist/ appreciation in RITS ,Sirsa, India and recently she is pursuing his PhD from the Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun, India, Her field of expertise is the standardization of herbal plants/ herbal formulation. Her research area includes pharmacognostical & phytochemical investigation of Indian medicinal plants, She has 30 research/review publications in national/international journals of repute to her credit, 40 Copyrights, 2 Patents and deligated more than 30 National/international conferences /workshops. She is honored with a young research scientist award by SPER and TIPA in Thailand. She is also president in SPER women forum and a life member of professional bodies like the association of pharmaceutical teachers of India(APTI).