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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Prateeti Chakraborty
Bangabasi College, India
Title : Catecholase activity, electrochemistry and magnetic behavior of a azido bridged dinuclear copper(II) complex of a phenol based‘‘end-off” compartmental ligand


A dinuclear Cu(II) species [Cu2L2(H2O)2(N3)](NO3)2 (L = 2,6-bis(N-ethylpyrrolidine-iminomethyl)-4-methyl-phenolato) where two Cu centers are bridged by phenoxido and l1,1-azido bridges with Cu–Cu separation of  3 Å have been synthesized with the view to explore the role of azido bridge on catecholase activity and electrochemical property and the roles of both the bridging groups on magnetic coupling of two copper centers. The complex exhibits excellent catecholase activity in acetonitrile as well as in DMSO medium not only by oxidizing 3,5-di-tert-butylcatechol (3,5-DTBC) but also tetrachlorocatechol (TCC), a catechol which is very thorny to oxidize, under aerobic conditions and becomes the first example of its own kind. CV study reveals three quasi-reversible reductive couples which are tentatively assigned as Cu2 II to CuIICuI and CuICuI reduction followed by reduction of CuICuI complex to Cu0Cu0 species. Variable temperature magnetic study suggests the presence of an antiferromagnetic spin–exchange interaction between Cu(II) ions in the dimer via double bridge where the antiferromagnetic contribution of phenoxido bridge predominates over the ferromagnetic interaction of azido bridge.


Dr. Prateeti  Chakraborty studied Chemistry at Bethune College affiliated to University of Calcutta and graduated in 2007. She then did her master’s from the same university in the year of 2009. After completing her post graduate study she joined the research group of Prof. Das at University of Calcutta and received her PhD degree in 2015. After 1 years of postdoctoral research in the same lab on Zn Chemistry, Catalysis she Joined Sharda University , Greater Noida as an Assistant Professor. Presently, she is working as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at Bangabasi College. She has published 4 book chapters with an International Publisher and more than 35 research articles in journals of International repute.