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Speaker at Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2022 - Nikita Kale
Oriental University, India
Title : A novel drug delivery system: Fast dissolving film containing niosomes


FDF is also knows as oral wafers which is bunch of thin polymeric film which is now gaining widespread interest in pharmaceutical industry. It is novel formulation and now accepted by various customers for supplying vitamins and self-care products specially. In present day, it is approved for OTC medication for systemic delivery and under trails for prescription drugs. There are many Benefits of FDFs such as Rapid disintegration and dissolution of the drug, precise dose administration, Patient compliance, Safe and efficacious. Applications of FDFs include Manage pain, allergies, sleep disorders and CNS disorders which require rapid absorption of incorporated drug, Breath strips, Delivery of vitamins and personal care products, Topical application- Mostly for analgesics and antimicrobial ingredient. Niosomes are microscopic lamellar structures formed by mixture of cholesterol and single alkyl chain non-ionic surfactant following hydration in aqueous media. Niosomes are competent for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic API’s. The surfactant used in the manufacturing of Niosome is chemically stable, accurate in composition and having low cost.  Some benefits of Niosomes are Greater patient compliance, Use for variety of API’s, Vesicle can be modified as per requirement, Act as depot to release the drug steadily which allow controlled release, Highly stable and osmotically active, Target drug delivery. Niosomes were utilized to allow for sustained release of the drug, whereas the films were used to increase the drug’s bioavailability via sublingual route.


Ms. Nikita kale Studied Pharmaceutics at Modern Institute of pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore, affiliated to RGPV University Bhopal and graduated as Master of Pharmaceutics in 2015. She then joined the Modern Institute of pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore, India as Assistant Prof. She is pursuing PhD in Pharmacy from Oriental University, Indore. she obtained the position of an Associate Professor at 2021. She has published more than 5 research articles in SCI (E) journals.) She has guided many UG & PG students for research work.