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Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Alexander Valyaev
Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Title : Application of nanotechnology for treatment of human bone joints with severe injuries


Using of nanotechnologies requires detailed analysis of existing obstacles to technology translation. Here we consider some bio nanotechnologies  for the treatment of human bones, including its musculoskeletal system, experiencing the maximum load during the functioning of any living organism.
We developed  LitAr implantable material and its  application  in some medical clinics and  centers of  Russian Samara city  showed successful bone resorption and reduce scarring from surgical procedures.
Here we discuss some details of LitAr technology application for these purposes by showing  concrete successful examples of medical treatment for severe mechanical deformation damages.    We demonstrate time dynamics of X-ray images before and after such  application.
Our results may used in  thematic medical centers in cases of  critical  situations especially under emergency surgery.
It would be logical to combine such technologies in those operating hospitals and clinics, that have already successfully applied them. It is especially difficult to organize for the Russian provincial doctors and the thematic scientists. We re-emphasize ways to accelerate the application of our method, as has been done previously.
The  implementation problem of our method is closely related   with financial support. But we hope that the scientific community efforts will help to change the attitude to our noticed innovations for the better in the interests of the whole humankind.


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