Title: Pharmacological developments on diabetes: Natural products to nanospheres

Muhammed Yayla

Kafkas University, Turkey


Dr. Muhammed studied Pharmacology at the Ataturk University, Turkey and graduated as MS in 2012. He then joined the research group of Prof. Zekai at the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory of Ataturk University, Turkey. During doctoral education, He studied novel nanoparticle delivery systems and contains the effects of boron on bone regeneration. He received his PhD degree in 2015 at the same institution. He obtained the position of an Assistant Professor at the Kafkas University. He has three natural products for the treatment of diabetes and its complications. He has published more than 20 research articles in SCI(E) journals.


Increased development of nano engineering provides good manufacturing on medicine. Hence, new technological approaches tried to produce natural products and increased its usages for the treatments.  Nanospheres are newly approved for the pharmacological studies. It allow up to 6X more bioavailability by transporting essential ingredients directly to the bloodstream and cells. Therefore, nanospheres and its usages for health sciences are popular day by day. We aimed to investigate of natural products added with nanospheres to addressed effects of this product. To investigate one oral and one local form of our antidiabetic natural products which has proliferative effects on many cell types used firstly nanosphere compatibility. Then these newly synthesized product to be tested type 1 diabetic animals to improved pancreas degeneration. Our product exerted good regenerative effect on pancreatic islets and improved diabetes after 21 days. However, we need detailed information about its physiological effects and clinical beneficial. Then used for wound healing activity compared to the normal local form. In the last, it has been showed that our product exert best healing effect on wound area in vitro and in vivo. In current study, we will figure  it out advantages of addressed drug delivery thanks to nanospheres with our product because proliferative effect of our product on some cell type especially cancer cells has restricted its usages in patients. In conclusion, if we achieve good results in this study, we want to try clinical step for the treatment of diabetes and wound healing. I hope we we can produce more effective and specific drugs to the treatment of diseases.
Audience take away:
• They learn about importance of natural products.
• Also they learn about importance of Nanospheres.
• Nanospeheres and its usages which is addressed drug delivery help their job, research and teaching.