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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Luis Jesus Villarreal Gomez
FCITEC - Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico
Title : Preparation and characterization of fibers crafted from PCL/PVP-ChAgG, coupled with investigating their suitability as wound dressings.


Wound dressings play a pivotal role in wound care by cleansing, shielding, and covering wounds, thereby influencing healing duration, cost-effectiveness, and patient comfort. Electrospun fibers emerge as a promising avenue in this field due to their diverse attributes, including biocompatibility, biodegradability, mechanical robustness, and moisture management capabilities. The integration of antimicrobial properties is essential, motivating this investigation to develop wound dressings using electrospun nanofibers composed of a blend of poly(caprolactone)/poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) (PCL/PVP) incorporated with a nanocomposite comprising Chitosan/Silver Nanocrystals/Graphene Oxide (ChAgG). ChAgG, derived from corn-based Chitosan, garlic-sourced silver nanocrystals, and Graphene Oxide, was infused into the fibers via varying proportions of the ChAgG nanocomposite solution during electrospinning. Characterization employing techniques such as FTIR, XPS, and TEM confirmed the composition of the nanocomposites, while scanning electron microscopy assessed the morphology and diameter of the fibrous dressings. Thermal analyses and FTIR spectroscopy demonstrated successful incorporation of ChAgG into the polymeric matrix. Mechanical testing favored fibers containing 5% ChAgG for their suitability in wound dressing applications. Antibacterial assays revealed enhanced efficacy against Escherichia coli compared to Staphylococcus aureus. Future endeavors may entail biocompatibility assessments and animal studies to further validate the efficacy of the system, ultimately leading to the development of an optimized, antimicrobial wound dressing with competitive market potential.
Keywords: Wound dressings; Electrospun fibers; Chitosan; Silver nanoparticles; Graphene.


Dr. Luis Villarreal, a research professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Sciences, Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico, is a Level 2 member of the National System of Researchers (SNII-CONACyT). With 47 indexed articles and 976 citations in Scopus, he has engaged in over 55 national and international congresses. He founded and leads the Journal of Technological Sciences (RECIT), contributing to editorial boards of Bentham, MDPI, and Hindawi. Serving as a thematic editor for INTECH, he reviews articles for Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, MDPI, and Hindawi. Dr. Villarreal evaluates research projects for funding in Mexico, Italy, and Peru and has supervised 12 bachelor's theses, 10 master's theses, and 5 doctoral theses. His research focuses on Biomaterials, including Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Systems, and he collaborates with companies like Corning (New York) and a private maxillofacial surgery clinic (Oakland, California).