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Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Fabien Gosselet
Blood-brain barrier laboratory, Artois University, France
Title : In vitro modeling of the blood-brain barrier to assess CNS drug delivery


The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is located at the brain microvessel level and isolates the brain from the whole body, thus restricting molecule and cell exchanges between cerebral and peripheral compartments. BBB physiology is altered in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) mainly characterized by an abnormal accumulation of amyloid peptides in brain and by an altered brain cholesterol homeostasis. For a long time, the BBB was basically considered as a barrier isolating the brain from circulating cholesterol, however, several lines of evidence now suggest that the BBB strictly regulates the exchanges of sterol and mayloid between the brain and the peripheral circulation. Oxysterols, synthesized by neurons or by peripheral cells, cross the BBB easily and modulate the expression of several enzymes, receptors, and transporters which are involved not only in cholesterol metabolism but also in other brain functions. This talk deals with the way oxysterols impact BBB cells, and in particular Liver X signaling pathway (LXR) and its targer genes such as ABCA1. These perspectives open new routes for designing certain therapeutical approaches that target the BBB so that the onset and/or progression of brain diseases such as AD may be modulated.
Audience take away: 
• Alterations of the blood-brain barrier physiology occurring in Alzheimer’s disease will be presented.
• Molecular mechanisms regulating the cholesterol and the amyloid exchanges between brain and periphery will be presented and discussed.
• Consequences of LXR activation on these both processes will be discussed.
• Perspectives on therapeutical approaches targeting the BBB will be highlighted.


F.Gosselet graduated in Biology and received a PhD in Cancerology (2006). He completed his education at the blood-brain barrier laboratory (BBB-Lab), located in Lens (France), as post-doctoral fellowship. Then, he obtained an assistant Professor position (2008) and is full Professor since 2016. Since 2015, he is director of the BBB-Lab. This lab routinely uses in vitro BBB models for investigating BBB physiology, its role in neurodegenerative diseases (AD/PD, stroke, brain tumor metastasis,…), for improving drug delivery and for providing data in pharmaco-toxicological field and to pharmaceutical companies. The BBB-lab actively contributes to several national/H2020 research programs. To date, FG published more than 40 research articles.