Speaker at Global conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2019 - Fabien Gosselet
Fabien Gosselet
Blood-brain barrier laboratory, Artois University, France


F.Gosselet graduated in Biology and received a PhD in Cancerology (2006). He completed his education at the blood-brain barrier laboratory (BBB-Lab), located in Lens (France), as post-doctoral fellowship. Then, he obtained an assistant Professor position (2008) and is full Professor since 2016. Since 2015, he is director of the BBB-Lab. This lab routinely uses in vitro BBB models for investigating BBB physiology, its role in neurodegenerative diseases (AD/PD, stroke, brain tumor metastasis,…), for improving drug delivery and for providing data in pharmaco-toxicological field and to pharmaceutical companies. The BBB-lab actively contributes to several national/H2020 research programs. To date, FG published more than 40 research articles.