University of East London



Hanieh Khalili is a lecturer in Pharmaceutical science at University of East London (UEL) School of Health, Sport and Bioscience. Before moving on to a lectureship, she did a postdoctoral research associate at University College of London (UCL) School of Pharmacy and Institute of Ophthalmology working on development, and formulation of antibody mimetics for ocular inflammation. She completed her PhD in antibody modification and formulation in the Pharmaceutics Department at UCL School of Pharmacy. Previously she earned a MSc with distinction in Drug Delivery from UCL School of Pharmacy. She have also received a BSc in chemistry and MSc in Analytical Chemistry. Her research focus is on development and formulation of bispecific antibodies and fusion proteins to modulate ocular healing after surgery and to develop dosage forms to inhibit inflammation, angiogenesis and fibrosis generally within the eye.