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Speaker at Drug Delivery Events - Delia Teresa Sponza
Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
Title : Photodegradation of two pharmaceutical namely levofloxacin and atorvastatin via Chitosan/Ag/TiO2 3D printed scaffold


Pharmaceuticals are highly persistent towards hydrolysis, adsorption, biodegradation, and abiotic degradation .As a result, such pharmaceutical compounds are not effectively removed during sewage treatment. Furthermore, sewage effluents and hospital effluents are important point sources of pharmaceutical residues in surface water and groundwater . The potential impact of pharmaceutical residues on aquatic organisms and potentially humans through endocrine-disrupting effects or pathogenic bacteria developing antibiotic resistance. In this study the photooxidation of levofloxacin and atorvastatin was performed by chitosan/Ag/TiO2 3D printed scaffolds,  Ag nanoparticles elevated  the photocatalytic yields.  For maximum removals of levofloxacin and atorvastatin the optimum operational  conditions ( nanocomposit dose, pharmaceutical concentrations, photodegradation time, pH, temperature)  were researched. The reuse properties  and phys?cochemical properties of the Chitosan/Ag/TiO2 3D printed scaffolds  was also investigated.


Prof. Dr. Delia Teresa Sponza is currently working as a professor at Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Environmental Engineering. Scientific study topics are; Environmental engineering microbiology, Environmental engineering ecology, Treatment of fluidized bed and activated sludge systems, Nutrient removal, Activated sludge microbiology, Environmental health, Industrial toxicity and toxicity studies, The effect of heavy metals on microorganisms, Treatment of toxic compounds by anaerobic / aerobic sequential processes, Anaerobic treatment of organic chemicals that cause industrial toxicity and wastewater containing them, Anaerobic treatability of wastewater containing dyes, Treatment of antibiotics with anaerobic and aerobic sequential systems, Anaerobic and aerobic treatment of domestic organic wastes with different industrial treatment sludges, Treatment of polyaromatic compounds with bio-surfactants in anaerobic and aerobic environments, Treatment of petrochemical, Textile and olive processing industry wastewater by sonication, Treatment of olive processing industry wastewater with nanoparticles and the toxicity of nanoparticles. She has many international publications  with an H index of 42 and 6000 citations.