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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Gurpreet Singh
IQVIA, United Kingdom
Title : Pharmacovigilance – Important, current trends, challenges and opportunities


Pharmacovigilance is the Detection, Assessment, Understanding and Prevention of Adverse Events associates with Drugs. Over the last 2 decades there has been an increased focus on Pharmacovigilance in order to ensure Patient Safety. The Health Authority requirements for a Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) to be complaint to Pharmacovigilance has ensured better and more efficient processes in the Pharma Organisation. However there is a need to be more efficient not only in the processes but also in terms of the manual efforts required to perform PV activities. This presentation will talk about the current trends in Pharmacovigilance with respect to Digital Transformation and Process Excellence. We are at the cusp of Digital Disruption in PV and we have a tremendous opportunity to handle PV more efficiently.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • The growing importance of Pharmacovigilance and the need to ensure Patient Safety
  • Challenges currently faced by the Industry
  • Opportunities in terms of
    Digital Transformation (including RPA, AI, Machine Learning)
    Process Excellence (Six Sigma, Quality Management and Lean Methodologies)
    Project Management (Operations, Transition and Revenue)


Gurpreet Singh is currently the Vice President, Managing Director Integrated Safety at IQVIA. He is based in UK and has a total of 18 years' experience in Pharma Industry of which 16+ years have been in Global Drug Development. 

During these years he has had the opportunity to work with some top Global companies like Cognizant, Tata Consultancy, Novartis and Parexel. At Novartis he was the Global Head of PV Operations managing all Global PV activities. At Parexel he was the Senior Director PV Operations responsible for managing PV projects of top Global Pharma and Biotech companies.

Gurpreet is a certified Six Sigma and Project Management Professional. He has keen interest in Digital Transformation and Organization Culture and has successfully led various projects during his tenure in the Pharma Industry. He is an avid runner and a speaker at various Pharma conferences.