Speaker at Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems 2023 - Eman Ramadan Abbase
Helwan University, Egypt
Title : Investigating the effect of liposomal membrane rigidity on the permeability of doxorubicin


The permeability of the liposomal membrane is an important factor in determining whether drugs encapsulated inside liposomes are released. Many studies revealed the role of thermotropic phase, saturation degree and acyl chain length for the permeability of the liposomal membrane. But the effect of the rigidity of the membrane on the permeability has not been well studied. In the present study, the rigidity of lipid vesicles synthesized from DPPC, DPPC/cholesterol(CHOL), DPPC/CHOL/stearylamine(SA), DPPC/CHOL/ dicetylphosphate(DCP), and DPPC/CHOL/SA/PEG-PE was estimated by using atomic force microscope (AFM) based spectroscopy and correlated with the permeability of liposomal membrane for doxorubicin as a drug model. The results show that an inverse correlation between the membrane rigidity of lipid-based nano-sized liposomes and the permeability was found.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Our research focused on a novel parameter that affects on drug release from liposome
  • This research needs to expand to create a library of mechanical parameters (Bending Modulus, Youngs Modulus) for a set of phospholipids that are used in the liposomal formulation
  • Optimizing the mechanical properties of liposomes assist to improve the drug design
  • Machine learning must support experimental work to predict more possibilities


Dr. Eman studied biophysics at Helwan university, Cairo, Egypt and awarded MS degree in Medical biophysics in 2012 at the same university, her master entitled (Biophysical Studies of Antitumor Drug Encapsulated Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes). She joined as a visiting researcher at the research group of Prof. Hayashi at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology. She received PhD degree in 2022 at Helwan university. Her work aims to deep understanding the interaction between liposomes as drug delivery system and the biological system to improve the drug delivery design to be more effective.