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Speaker at Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2021 - Md Abdur Rashid
King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
Title : Crystallization Process of API ( Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for Dosage form Design


Crystallization is a widely used purification and a unit operation in pharma and chemical industries. Ibuprofen will be used as a model API in this presentation which is an analgesic. However commercial ibuprofen particles are irregular shape and size with rough surfaces. And show poor mechanical properties such as flowability, compaction etc. To overcome these problems desirable size shape of ibuprofen particle is needed which could offer direct compression with fewer operational steps but still having good product stability and therapeutic efficacy.  So design a crystallization operation for producing desire size ibuprofen particle, the following information (data) is needed:

  1. Solubility diagram
  2. Metstable zone width
  3. Crystal growth rate
  4. Nucleation rates

The methods used, the results achieved and the data to design an industrial crystallizer will be presented


Dr Abdur Rashid is an Assistant Professor in the department of pharmaceutics, college of pharmacy at King Khalid University,Abha, KSA. He has completed his PhD in 2011 from the University of Queensland, School of Chemical Engineering, Brisabne, Australia.

Dr Abdur Rashid has published 18 peer-reviewed research articles and conference papers so far. He has had 7 poster presentations in national and international conferences. Dr Abdur Rashid enjoys crystallizing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with a desired size, developing new formulations and making new dosage forms. He became more interested in this area because of his PhD crystallization research project, which represents a fundamental link between chemical engineering, pharmaceutics and the pharmaceutical industry. This will be helpful to open a window for multi-disciplinary researchers and to undertake state-of-the-art research for the development and formulation of different cost effective and therapeutically effective dosage forms.