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Speaker at Global conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2019 - José Eduardo Cuéllar
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Title : Development of substances with biological and pharmacological activity based on structural nucleus hybrids from phytochemical compounds like secondary metabolites


The treatment of different diseases is currently associated with the pharmacokinetics of chemical substances which are supplied to certain patients where there are, for example, enzymatic inhibitions, and this is directly related to the molecules interactions presents in the human body with the external chemical compounds. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind these molecules must possess some physicochemical properties to be able to enter the different biological systems. The many of these substances problem is their biological origin, as for example, those that come from plants or bacteria, where their synthetic production is costly enough so that the average world population can’t access to them. In contrast, there are some substances that are more economical but their effect is less than the initially substances mentioned.
     For this reason, it’s necessary to find molecules that are accessible to people with an average global economy, although this means they are not as effective as the compounds obtained by biological matrices. This implies designing for example drugs that can fuse different set of substances properties which are accessible and for this reason is a good idea synthesize hybrids of molecules supposing the physicochemical properties and the effect as a drug would potentially increase. An example for this is related to orphan diseases where people suffering from these diseases don’t even have access to health insurance because they are endemic to very little inhabited areas or where the poverty level is high. Some examples are cutaneous leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis and malaria which affects the less developed areas of Colombia, where it’s proposed to design some medicines so people can take an adequate treatment of these diseases. In this way it’s proposed the design, synthesis and evaluation of two groups of fused phytochemicals: chalcones and coumarins, where both they have shown separately, evaluated by recent studies, being alternatives for these diseases’ treatment; so different hybrid derivatives were synthesized and that were named like chalco-coumarins.
Audience take away:
• New forms to design dugs connecting two different chemical structures with pharmacological – biological activity.
• How to synthesize some secondary metabolites and hybrids from secondary metabolites.
• Design of some synthetic drugs from Natural Products.
• Propose economic substances to treat orphan diseases base on Natural Products.


Mr. Cuellar studies Chemical Engineering in the Process and Energy Department in Facultad de Minas at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín – Colombia. He actually is with Prof. Diego Luis Durango in the research group QUIPRONAL (Química de los Productos Naturales y los Alimentos) in the Chemistry school, in Facultad de Ciencias at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. His research lines are phytochemistry, chemical synthesis with pharmacological and biological applications.