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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Ulo Langel
Stockholm University, Sweden
Title : Cell-penetrating peptides and delivery of oligonucleotides


PepFect delivery technology for oligonucleotide transfection by transportan based cell-penetrating peptides in vitro and in vivo is described. Recent data on mechanisms and applications of PepFect strategies are summarized on the variety of different cargoes including plasmid, antisense and siRNA oligonucleotides. Nanomaterials, including graphene oxides (GOs), and cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) in combination are presented and are shown promising as non-viral vectors for gene delivery. The GO-CPPs serve as an effective platform for gene delivery with high cell transfection efficiency. The protocol is simple, offers high cell transfection compared to the CPPs-ONs complexes and can be used for further improvements using external stimuli.Possible mechanisms of oligonucleotide delivery by PepFects is discussed and novel data on genome analysis involved in these mechanisms are discussed. Further improvement of these technologies of the modulation of gene expression and identification of novel intracellular interactions in tumors after i.v. administration is discussed, aiming to find novel drug targets, and defining New Chemical Entities for drug development.
Audience take away:
• PepFect delivery technology for oligonucleotide transfection
• Cell-penetrating peptides


Ülo Langel is a Professor at the Department of Neurochemistry, Stockholm University, and at the Institute of Technology, Tartu University. Prof. Langel has been selected as a Fellow Member of International Neuropeptide Society (1995), and is a member of Academia Europeaea. He is a coauthor of more than 400 scientific articles and 20 approved patents or patent applications.