Potential Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Fernando Ferrandiz
Fernando Ferrandiz
Royal National Academy of Pharmacy, Spain

Title: Use of Sound Spectral Analysis as Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Tool in Topical Formulations Development

Potential Speaker for Pharma Webinar - Renato Carvalho Vilella
Renato Carvalho Vilella

Title: Perspectives for the development of strategies (drugs and non-drug therapies) for the reduction of inflammation, injury, and muscle recovery biomarkers

Speaker at Pharmaceutics Webinar - Canan Nebigil
Canan Nebigil
CNRS Research Director, France

Title: New cardioprotective drugs in cardio-oncology: Targeting GPCRs

Speaker at Pharmaceutics Webinar - Rita Turnaturi
Rita Turnaturi
University of Catania, Italy

Title: Simultaneous MOR/DOR targeting as useful strategy for pain management.

Speaker at Pharmaceutics Webinar - Ravindra Sandipan Shinde
Ravindra Sandipan Shinde
S.R. T.M. University,India

Title: Design, Synthesis and pharmacological activity of triazine based chalcones

Potential Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Nada F. Abo EL-Magd
Nada F. Abo EL-Magd
Mansoura University, Egypt

Title: Glycyrrhizin ameliorates high fat diet-induced obesity in rats by activating NrF2 pathway

Speaker at Pharmaceutics Webinar - Venkatesan. N
Venkatesan. N
Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research, India

Title: Formulation of herbal capsule containing isolated compound from ethanolic extract of Dregea volubilis and Leptadenia reticulata for the treatment of Diabetes

Speaker at Pharmaceutics Webinar - Tapashi Ghosh Roy
Tapashi Ghosh Roy
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Title: Syntheses, Characterization and Antimicrobial Investigation on Some New Metal Complexes of an Aryl Substituted AzamacrocyclicChelator

Potential Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Lekshmi.R.Nath
Amrita School of Pharmacy, India

Title: Can TGF-β1 be a significant  marker molecule   in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Potential Speaker for Pharma Conferences - Noor Mohammed Abdulrahman
Noor Mohammed Abdulrahman
University of Basra, Iraq

Title: Newly diagnosed case with Gilbert Syndrome after 20 years suffering fro jaundice