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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Shayan Fakhraei Lahiji
Shayan Fakhraei Lahiji
Yonsei University, Korea, Republic of


Dr. Shayan F. Lahiji is a postdoctoral associate at Yonsei University in the Department of Biotechnology. Dr. Lahiji’s research is focused on the design and development of novel patient-friendly drug delivery systems, known as microneedles. He has developed various technologies to pave the road for replacing hypodermic needles with painless and environmentally-friendly dissolving microneedles. So far, Dr. Lahiji has successfully encapsulated hair-loss treatment agents, insulin, and anti-wrinkle compounds within microneedles. Currently, he is involved in various projects to customize the previously-developed technologies and launch a product that is focused on the market needs. 
    Since 2014, Dr. Lahiji has published 5 papers as first author, 9 papers as co-author, and applied 4 patents in Korea, U.S., Japan, Europe and China. In addition, he has been the recipient of several awards, including “the best researcher award” at the 3rd World Biotechnology Conference, “the young researcher award” at the 8th Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems conference, “the best research award” from Yonsei University, and “the best academic poster” from BK21 PLUS.