Speaker at Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems 2018 - Guo-Ping Zhou
Guo-Ping Zhou
Guangxi Academy of Sciences, China


Dr. Guo-Ping Zhou is currently a Distinguished Professor of Gordon Life Science Institute, USA. He is also an Adjunct Professor of several academics in the United States and China.  Dr. Zhou received his Ph.D in Bio-physics from University of California at Davis, and completed his postdoctoral training at Stanford Univer-sity and Harvard University, respectively.  Dr. Zhou determined the 3D NMR structures of some proteins, protein-DNA complexes, super lipids such as dolichol and other polyisoprenyls, as well as polyisoprenol recognition sequences. Dr. Zhou has successfully introduced the elegant wenxiang diagrams to elucidate the mechanisms of the coiled-coil proteins, protein-lipids, protein-DNA interactions, and prion protein mis-folding observed by NMR. Meanwhile, he has also published many papers in Bioinformatics. Dr. Zhou’s current research is focused on investigation into the relationship between the functions and structures of polysialyltransferases. In addition, as Editorial Board Member, Guest Editor and Bentham Brand Ambassa-dor, Zhou has edited some special issues on structural biology for several influential scientific journals.