Speaker at Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems 2023 - Franz Josef Meyer Almes
Franz Josef Meyer Almes
University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Franz Josef Meyer Almes is a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in Germany. He earned his Diploma in Chemistry at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen (Germany) in 1991 and his Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the same University in Göttingen. The main focus of his research is in thermodynamics and kinetics of protein-ligand and protein-protein interaction, reaction kinetics and mechanism, biological assay development, drug design, medium throughput screening, fluorescence spectroscopy and design of experiment. These methods are used to develop novel active substances against human histone deacetylases, which are validated targets in oncology, but also other neurodegenerative and age-related diseases.