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Speaker at Pharma Conferences - Ahlam Zaid Alkilani
Ahlam Zaid Alkilani
Zarqa University, Jordan


Dr. Ahlam Zaid Alkilani is an Assistant Professor at faculty of Pharmacy, Zarqa University, Zarqa, Jordan. Now she is the Dean of faculty of pharmacy at Zarqa University/Jordan. She graduated from Jordan University, college of pharmacy in 2006. Then she obtained her MSc degree in pharmaceutical science from Jordan University in 2009. After that she completed my Ph.D. in drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology at the School of Pharmacy, Queen’s university of Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom in 2013. Ahlam’s research is centred on design and physicochemical characterisation of advanced polymeric drug delivery systems for transdermal drug delivery. Her research interests are transdermal drug delivery, microneedle, controlled release, pharmaceutical analysis, formulations, iontophoresis, in vitro release, sterilization and pharmaceutical industry. She has published many publications in peer reviewed and respected journals.