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Speaker at Pharma conferences - Afonin S.M
Afonin S.M
National Research University of Electronic Technology, Russian Federation


Sergey Mikhailovich Afonin now is associate professor of National Research University of Electronic Technology, MIET. Graduate of MIET in 1976. Degree PhD received in MIET 1982. Academic title of Senior researcher received in MIET 1991. Aspirant MIET 1976–79, junior researcher MIET 1979–82, senior researcher MIET 1983–93, associate professor at MIET since 1993 to present time. He has published more 200 scientific articles. He won World Championship-2018 in Physics for Electromagnetoelastic Actuators World Cup from Directorate of Physics, International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR). He is awarded in 2019 the field of physical research Who's Who Lifetime Achievement: Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement. He is recipient Silver medal and two Bronze medals VDNKH Russia.