Organizing committee member for Pharmaceutical Conferences 2020 - Esmaiel Jabbari
Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina, USA

Title: Drug Delivery to Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine

Keynote Speaker for Pharmaceutical Conferences 2020 - Mino R. Caira
Mino R. Caira
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Title: To be announced...

Keynote Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Marino Nebuloni
Marino Nebuloni
Parma University, Italy

Title: Strategy in crystallization process to ensure solid state stability of drug substance

Keynote speaker for PDDS 2020 - Daniela Monti
Daniela Monti
University of Pisa, Italy

Title: To be updated soon..

Keynote speaker for Pharma Conferences 2020 0 - Metin Basaranoglu
Metin Basaranoglu
Istanbul University, Turkey

Title: Understanding mechanisms of the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Keynote speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Leo K Iwai
Leo K Iwai
Instituto Butantan, Brazil

Title: Snake venom as a source for key drugs to treat cancer and central nervous system diseases.

Keynote Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Felicity Han
Felicity Han
The University of Queensland, Australia

Title: Nanotechnology in pain management: Novel prolonged-release polymeric microparticles for relief of intractable cancer-related pain.

OCM for Drug delivery conference 2020 - Dibyajyoti Banerjee
Dibyajyoti Banerjee

Title: To be updated soon..

Speaker for pharmaceutical conferences 2020 - Madhav Bhatia
Madhav Bhatia
University of Otago, New zealand

Title: Hydrogen Sulfide: A Stinky Gas….. and Novel Therapeutic Target for Inflammatory Disease.

Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar
BBDIT College of Pharmacy, India

Title: Neuroprotective effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid on neurotoxicity induced by nitrile derivatives.

Speaker for PDDS 2020 - Stefanie Santos
Stefanie Santos
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Title: Bryophyllum pinnatum Compounds Inhibit the Oxytocin-Induced Pathways in Human Myometrial Cells

Speaker for  PDDS 2020 - Dai Hai Nguyen
Dai Hai Nguyen
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Title: Hollow Mesoporous Silica as Potential Platform for Anti-cancer Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment.

Speaker for Pharma Conferences 2020 - Le Ngoc Thuy Trang
Le Ngoc Thuy Trang
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Title: Biopolymer Grafting of Soy Lecithin Liposomes Via Poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether-Cholesterol as A Novel Delivery System for Paclitaxel.

Speaker for Pharma Conferences 2020 - Annalisa Dalmoro
Annalisa Dalmoro
University of Salerno, Italy

Title: Process innovation in the production of smart lipid-polymeric release systems

Speaker for Pharma conferences 2020 - Mir Mohammad Alavi Nikje
Mir Mohammad Alavi Nikje
Imam Khomeini International University, Iran

Title: Synthesis and characterization of biorenewable three-dimensional poly (urethane-urea) star block copolymer based on poly(ε-caprolactone)–D-glucose as a carrier for sustained release drug delivery systems

Speaker for pharmaceutical conferences 2020 - Hussien el messiry
Hussien el messiry
National Organization of Drug Control and Research, Egypt

Title: Effect of different hydrotropic agents on solubility and dissolution of famotidine

Speaker for PDDS 2020 - Rezvan Jamaledin
Rezvan Jamaledin
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

Title: Controlled release of bacteriophage from PLGA microparticles delivered by microneedle patches to induce innate and adaptive immune