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Speaker for Drug Delivery conference - Ranjita Shegokar
Ranjita Shegokar
Capnomed GmbH, Germany
Title : Cancer: is there any hope?


Cancer is a complex disease. Several drug delivery platforms are under development in academia and in industry to deliver therapeutic molecules and new chemical entities to the targeted site in body. Amongst them, nanotechnology both at molecular and supramolecular level is a leading platform and can help to image, detect and treat diseases effectively. Surface modification of nanoparticles by coating or anchoring their surface with special markers, materials, peptide, proteins, antibodies or antigens add extra feature and thereby enhancing their performance. Till date scientists are struggling to understand the complete mechanism and fate of nanoparticles in body and make it safer. The theme of this presentation is to discuss advances in nanoparticles and therapies that are currently used and under development, along with a short discussion on regulatory activities in this direction.



Dr. Shegokar holds a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Technology from the SNDT University, India and has been postdoctoral researcher at Free University of Berlin, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Biopharmaceutics and NutriCosmetics, Berlin, Germany. Since last 8 years she is working for pharmaceutical industry in various technical / R & D roles. Currently, she is affiliated with Capnomed GmbH, as Director of Pharma Business Unit. Dr. Shegokar has authored more than 50+ research articles, 25 book chapters and 180 research abstracts. She has filed several patent applications on nanoparticles and drug delivery. She is a recipient of several national and international awards for her research. Her areas of interest are oral solid dosage forms, nanocrystals, lipid nanoparticles (SLNs/NLCs), nanoemulsions and galenic formulations.