Speaker for Drug Delivery Conferences - Ngoc Thuy Trang Le
Ngoc Thuy Trang Le
Institute of Applied Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Title : Biopolymer Grafting of Soy Lecithin Liposomes Via Poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether-Cholesterol as A Novel Delivery System for Paclitaxel


The utilization of polymer-grafted liposomes for the delivery of anticancer drug, particularly Paclitaxel (PTX) to the tumor target sites is a new and advanced method in the branch of chemotherapy. Liposome in the pharmaceutical view is the possessor of superb properties for drug delivery, but it is held back by the fact that liposome has a very short circulation time. The grafting of methylated-polyethylene glycol on the surface of liposome is the key to solve and eliminate the only drawback for liposome as a drug delivery system. In this study, liposome formulated from natural soy lecithin (SLP) was prepared and partially surface modified with methoxy polyethylene glycol (mPEG) for the delivery of PTX. The PTX/SLP@mPEG was successfully developed with nanometric particle size, high entrapment efficiency, and long-lasting drug release. Moreover, in vitro cytotoxicity assays demonstrated that SLP@mPEG is nontoxic and cytocompatible. PTX/SLP@mPEG also showed remarkable suppress the proliferation of cancer cells. In addition, the in vivo antitumor effect of PTX/SLP@mPEG was also observed in a mouse model that had been subcutaneously inoculated with breast cancer cells by virtue of higher passive accumulation in tumor tissue via the enhanced permeability retention effect. Overall, these obtained results provide insights into the potential of SLP@mPEG as a platform for the development of more effective therapies against cancers.


Mrs. Le Ngoc Thuy Trang received her BSc (2013) and MSc (2017) degrees in Biotechnology from the University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Nguyen Cuu Khoa in the Institute of Applied Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. Her current research is focused on the design and synthesis of new nanocarriers, including liposomes, to obtain novel supramolecular assemblies that are of interest in drug delivery, targeting, and diagnostics applications.