Ana Carolina Kogawa

Speaker for pharma events-Ana Carolina Kogawa

Title: Why perform pharmaceutical analysis green and optimized?

Ana Carolina Kogawa

Univ Estadual Paulista, Brazil


Graduated in Pharmacy-Biochemistry (2008), Master (2012) and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015) all the Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesquita Filho". Experience in managing people and projects, coordinating activities in the junior company of the university (All Pharma Jr.). Teaching experience gained from ministry personnel training in the All Pharma Jr. and JP Industria Farmaceutica company and to teach college preparatory courses in the Unified Course Campus of Araraquara. Activities has experience in the industrial sector on Drugs and Medicines, with emphasis on Quality Control, obtained from the Medley and JP companies. Currently conducts research with the drug rifaximin for the development of its Postdoctoral research at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of UNESP.

Research Interest
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, Drug Resaerch, Regulatory Guidelines,Drug Safety


Because we should think that everything is interconnected and we are part of a system. Pharmaceutical analyzes are an item in the sciences and, as all of them, should act consciously in the world. Have you ever thought about the social, environmental and economic impact of your analytical decisions?

Pharmaceutical analyzes by spectrophotometry in the ultraviolet and visible region using water as solvent system, high performance liquid chromatography using only ethanol and water in the mobile phase, spectrophotometry in the infrared region using only potassium bromide as reagent, thin layer chromatography for evaluation of degradation products and turbidimetry for microbiological evaluation of antibiotics are examples of green or clean methods.

Another important characteristic to be highlighted is the optimization of time and analysts which this type of methodology provides. They are fast methods which provide extra time to energize a process and analyst to other activities.

Fast, low cost, easy to run, which uses non-toxic reagents for the operator and for the environment, without waste of intellect and robust are the characteristics of a modern and current pharmaceutical analysis.

Changing standards is difficult, therefore the courage and persistence are so valued. Methods with socio-economic-environmental concerns should be shouted to the world.