Gillian Hutcheon

Liverpool John Moores University



I am leader of the Formulation and Drug Delivery Research Group. The focus of this group is towards the successful delivery of therapeutic agents in a controlled and targeted manner and the development of advanced delivery systems for a variety of applications. Projects ranging from fundamental science to industrially relevant applications are undertaken by postgraduate students and researchers within the group. My research interests include the use of biodegradable polymers for the micro and nanoparticle delivery of drugs and proteins particularly for pulmonary delivery. Specific examples of ongoing projects include the delivery of vaccines, anti-cancer drugs and RNA. The investigation of clays for antimicrobial and modified release therapeutics is a further avenue of research.
I contribute towards the modular delivery of general chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and drug delivery topics. My teaching interests concentrate on the integration of teaching and research particularly within final year module and also the development of the final year ACAPS project and research methods module.

Roles at PDDS 2017: Biodrugs, Biomolecules and Therapeutics Session chairman